This Election...

You know, so many people are voicing their opinion about this election, and rightly so because it's by far the most important election of the century. People don't really understand the severity of making the wrong choice or the blessing of making the right one.

But I'm not talking party affiliation.

In my travels and what I see and hear on the news, I run into a lot of people who will vote for McCain because of his stand for America in the military while others will vote for Obama because of his commitment to Roe v. Wade or something.

I'd rather vote for someone who will uphold the beliefs of our founding fathers. Freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But honestly, so many people are crying out for freedom, but are unwilling to pay the consequences for it. We seem to want to have freedom without any rules, regulations or guidelines. We seem to be a nation that rejects absolutes of any kind except those that we create. Does that seem wrong to anyone else out there but me?

Now, someone would say, "Ok, smart guy, who decides what the absolutes are?" Well, let's look at that. We have laws both natural and manufactured, but the foundation for those laws, if you're willing to be totally honest, cannot truly be found anywhere else but in the bible. "Oh really, Dude? Well, the koran says things like the bible says and so does Buddism. How do we know that the Bible is the only authority to be the standard of living?" Glad you asked the question. Listen, though it may seem elementary to some, the Bible has been around WAY longer than any of the other "books" that exist out there. Believe me, I know they have some resemblance to some of the truths of the Bible, but when you look at the heart of the Bible, it has the best interests of man in mind. Many of the other "books" call for the death of many innocent people and things of that nature. It's unfortunate.

I mean, why do some people feel wrong about stealing things from others?
Why do some people fell wrong about speaking wrongly about others?
Why do some people feel that unnecessary violence is wrong?
Why do some people feel that killing someone is wrong?

Could it be that maybe it's because the Bible says it's wrong? You be the judge. Never the less, regarding this election, I look at Obama and at first, as a black man myself, I was excited about the possibility of a Black President. But I must tell you that after watching the meeting at Saddleback Community Church, my opinion drastically changed. I watched in shock as it seemed he could not answer even one simple question with a yes or a no, but had to go on and on about his point, and still hadn't made one. I watched as he said that answering the question about abortion was, "way above his pay grade." Are you kidding me?!? What the heck does that mean? The questions on that forum were personal opinion questions. When asked, "What do YOU think about this?" or "What is YOUR opinion on that?" how are those difficult questions? It's YOUR OPINION, not your party's opinion, not public opinion, but YOURS as an individual. Yet in contrast, I watched McCain answer each question with conviction and resolve. His answers where straight and to the point.

Now you tell me. Understanding that neither candidate is the greatest fit for the white house, in MY opinion, which one would you like to occupy that office? Someone with resolve and conviction, or someone who just wants to make everyone happy and follow public opinion? I want someone who can stand up to the big dogs himself without having to cower before his enemy. I know that many will disagree with me on my thoughts, but that's the point, they're MY thoughts, not yours. But when I see a country rallying around an individual about whom it is RUMORED he will not swear allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, it is RUMORED that he will not even where an American flag pin, and it is RUMORED that he refuses to swear on the Bible, but on the Koran, SOMETHING IS WRONG! (I put the word rumored in caps because it's just that, a rumor, until it is disproved or proven to be true.)

But on a more personal note, when I see people in the church refusing to fellowship with or affiliate with a church because they do not support the candidate of their choice, it makes me weep because THAT is detrimentally wrong and sinful! Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourselves. As believers in Jesus, God is supposed to come first and everyone and everything else comes second. What in the WORLD is wrong with us.

Anyway, these are just a few of my thoughts, in case anyone out there wants to read them.

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