Fighting for Faith

Today is a tough day. Each and every one of us have them, so welcome to reality, huh? And the crazy thing is you never know when they will show up. Stuff comes at you sideways and knocks you on you rear, and in that moment you have two choices: 1. stay down on the ground, curl up into a little ball, and pray that it all goes away soon, or 2. get up and start standing again.

You choose.

Something like that happened to me this thanksgiving. It was totally unwelcomed, uninvited, and far from desired, but came nonetheless. When the tailspin ensued, I found myself grasping for emotional stability and noticed in that moment how easy it is to want to gain comfort in anything else but the Lord. Needless to say, the battle has been great.

And that's exactly what it is even now: a battle.

But battling for what, is the question. Am I battling for mental stability? Am I battling for security? Am I battling for provision? No. I am battling for the faith to believe that God is greater than ANYTHING that could and will ever come against me, whether it be personal or corporately. I'm battling for the faith to believe that absolutely NOTHING escapes the all-seeing eyes of the Lord. He sees, He knows, and He IS involved. Emotions SCREAM loudly for me to run and escape. But it all still comes down to the words of Peter when Jesus asked if they were going to leave Him like the others: "Where else can we go, Lord? You alone have the words of eternal life." That really is the bottom line. Mental stability, security, provision, peace, joy, hope, confidence, all of these are found in the very capable hands of the Almighty, the Abba of our hearts.

Even when you are faced with the past as it rears it's pitiful ugly head yet again, He is STILL greater. And if your past blunders and sins have been removed from you in Jesus as far as the east is from the west, there is no need to blubber over it. Your past only has power over your future if you allow it, and you DON'T have to allow it. I don't have to allow it.

Strength is in the presence of the Lord. That's where I MUST run to. In so doing, I don't run from the issues, but rather I run into a place where I can see clearly how to deal with each and every one of them. The certainty of victory depends on the vantage point from which it is attempted. I'd rather attempt AND attain victory from God's vantage point instead of my own.

Fight for Faith!


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