Life happens.  Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day to share.  Unfortunately, many of us waste those hours on unnecessary things.  In the same token, though, many of us try and squeeze every little ounce of life out if every second that we fail to enjoy the time we do have.  Both are frustrating.  You can be so relaxed that you become completely unproductive, or you can be so productive that you can't even enjoy a breath!  There MUST be balance.

Personally I like being productive, but I also like breathing!  

When you are productive, you can enjoy the accomplishments you have attained, and that's good.  But the question is how "productive" are you socially with those around you?  Do those around you view you as the proverbial slave driver who is driven to get things done at all costs all the time?  How "productive" is that really?  Sure you finished the task, but what about the carnage of people left in your wake in trying to get the job done?

Adversely, when you just "chill" and relax through things, that's good, too.  But the question is how confident will people be in assigning you specific tasks not knowing if or when you'll get them done?  Will you be considered trustworthy?  Will you be considered dependable?  Sure you will be fun to be around, but what about the people waiting at the end of your obedience and diligence to accomplish the tasks set before you?

Therefore, it behooves us to strive for the place of balance.  Put our hand to the plow and not look back.  Adversely it is equally important that we learn to relax and enjoy the air.  In this way we will be both trustworthy and a delight.

'Nuff said...