Get In Your Place

I really believe this is a word for some. If it applies to you, receive it. If it doesn't, pray for those for whom it is for.

I've never felt such an urgency in my spirit as I do right now about us all being in our place. The Lord is calling each and every one of us to OUR place. Sometimes it will mean digging your heals deeper into where you currently are now, making a deeper commitment to your place. Other times it will mean a change of position from where you are right now to where you are supposed to be. This is critical at this time because if you are out of YOUR place, it means you're in SOMEONE ELSE'S place, causing them to be misplaced. They can't occupy their place because you're in it. As soon as you move, you will free that space up for them to take. Until you do, there will remain a domino effect that will leave in it's wake a host of people that are potentially out of place.


It's time for us to seek the face of God to discover our place and dig into it with all that is in us. It is time. Many will not discover the fulness of their lives until they find their place. They will live frustrated lives trying hard to make where they are right now work for them. All it will lead to is a dead end and you will continue beating your head agains a brick wall until you stop, seek the face of God, discover where you truly are supposed to be, and get after it. Your life will remain a frustration or it will remain a temporary fulfillment for you. It will be like working hard and putting your pay into pockets with holes in them. You work hard, feel a sense of fulfillment, only to have that fulfillment drain away with nothing left to speak of.

It is time to stop beating a dead horse. I heard a phrase from a friend named Kevin Leel, which was, "If the horse is dead, dismount!" Why try to make live what has died? Don't try to resurrect a dead end. Move on to where the life is. However, this is something the must be submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit. See, God is able to make the place where you are, YOUR place and He can breathe new life into it. But it is ONLY if it is where you are suppose to be in this hour.

I say again, "GET IN YOUR PLACE!"

And do not be afraid if you don't understand it all or know how you will make it. All you have to do is be where you're suppose to be and God will cause you to make it. Please just be obedient to His voice right now and let Him sort out the details. Be like Abraham, who was told by God to leave where he was and go to a land that would be shown to him at a later time. He left not knowing where he was going, but he knew God had called. He moved out in obedience. You must do the same.

It's time! "GET IN YOUR PLACE!"

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