The Path...

In this season and time, there seems to be some kind of universal sense in almost everyone I have come in contact with lately. It's the sense of beginning to do what they have been called of the Lord to do. There is a sense of searching in the hearts of many wondering what on earth they are supposed to be about in the first place. I have felt this myself in this season as well, wondering what and where is my place in God's overall plan. What does my piece of the puzzle look like? What is the expression I'm supposed to contribute in His plan for the world?

I find this to be an extremely important question to answer because it really identifies with whom we are to partner with in order to accomplish our purpose. You see, nothing of what we are called to do in the earth today is to be done alone. God has called us all to work together for the advancement of His kingdom and for the building up of His body, the body of Messiah. If we do not have the proper alignments, we will hinder the effectiveness we are meant to have. It will mean the Lord will need to either make work what we have locked ourselves into, or He will have to work things differently in our lives to get us back on track. Never the less, in all of this, He will turn it around for our good and for the good of the Kingdom. I would just rather get it right the first time instead of having to take the "make up test," if you know what I mean.

In this season just before a brand mew year, I encourage you to join me in seeking the face of God for our purpose and the expression thereof. If we hear it right the first time, we will have less time to have to make up or catch up. There is a path for each and every one of us to walk. We do well to hear HIS voice and gather HIS plan in order to accurately walk it out.

A pastor friend of mine said years ago, "There are souls waiting on the other side of your obedience." I really try to take that to heart as much as possible. In this season, hear the voice of the Lord for your life. Patiently wait on what He tells you regardless of the things in your life that try to get you to rush His process. But once you hear, be faithful to OBEY His word regardless of how insurmountable or scary it may seem, if that is the case. If HE said you are to do thus and so, then you are guaranteed EVERYTHING He has declared over you.

THIS is the time when this generation needs you to be in YOUR place! Step up to the plate a take a swing. Who knows? You just might hit one out of the ballpark!

See you on the path...


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