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Career Highlights


The following are CD's I've either created or contributed to:

Paul Wilbur - "Lluvia En El Desierto" - (Desert Rain Spanish) Piano & Music Director

Paul Wilbur - "Desert Rain" - Piano & Music Director

"Joyful Journey" - My second and most recent release.

Paul Wilbur - "Paul Wilbur Live - A Night of Extravagant Worship" - Piano & Music Director

"Safe Haven" - My first piano release

Paul Wilbur - "The Watchman" - Piano & Music Director

Maurice Carter and the Standard - "Becoming" - Piano on title cut

Tony Sutherland - "Unrestrained" - Electric Keys on "Open My Heart To You"

Lynda Randle - "Tribute to Mahalia Jackson (DVD)" - Piano

Lynda Randle - "Timeless Christmas" - Piano and Bass

The Imperials - "I Was Made For This" - Nylon Guitar on "Winds of Change"

"Blessed Be The Lord" - My first live praise and worship release.


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