Well, here we are in a new year. God has graciously allowed us another year to experience His presence, love, mercy, grace, and power. He has allowed us more time to expand and extend the kingdom to all those willing to receive it and to represent Him better than we did the year before. This is really an incredible privilege when we think on it honestly. I'm in London at the time of this writing and actually got to experience a new birth year as well as a new year. It was good, but not the same without my precious family around, though.

My friend and brother, Michael Randle and I, were talking last night. With the travel, time change and schedule, things can sometimes get a little confusing. I was trying to figure out specifically when I was set to return home as weary as I was (and still am). The more we talked, the more confused I seemed to make things! I couldn't get out of my mind that even though it was after midnight this morning of Jan 1, it would not be Jan 2 when I woke up later today (lol)! Blame it on jet lag! Michael looked at me and said, "Bro, when you wake up, it's still gonna be the 1st!" We laughed at that for a little while.

Then, in typical Mike Randle style, the profound began to come forth. He said, "You know, Man, here we are trying to figure out a time of day and the day itself and getting confused. Yet GOD has all of eternity rapped up in the palm of His hand. He knows intimately every issue that well over 200 billion people on the planet has. He know every hair, sees every tear, listens intently to every prayer, and has mapped out every life. And here we are trying to wrap our minds around a day!" Then it dawned on me. In light of the fact that we now embark on a new year, consider the mercy of God. Consider how after all the wrong things we all have done and fallen short regarding, we are STILL here and He STILL gives us yet another year to do better. Consider all those times that we have felt forsaken by Him or have felt like we have done too much for Him to love and care for us, and then consider the fact that He kept us safe and alive during the entire time of the previous year.

Now let all those words, what Mike said and what was just written, sink in. What is it that is plaguing your thoughts right now? What are you having a hard time understanding and figuring out? How amazing is God to take all the stuff that we throw at Him, both good and bad, right and wrong, sinful and righteous, and still love us enough to take care of us? How amazing is it that He is not governed by the actions of His kids, but deals with each one as a loving, just, and righteous Father that only wants the absolute best for His children? Mind blowing, if you try to wrap your mind around that.

So my encouragement for you in this year of 2014 is simply this: UNBOX GOD IN YOUR LIFE. Secondly UNBOX YOURSELF TO BELIEVE HIM AND RECEIVE HIM EVERYDAY. Let everyday be a new day of acceptance of His lordship in this year. Will you understand everything? Absolutely not. Will everything go well and perfectly for you? Maybe not what WE would consider well and perfect, but it will regarding the purpose of God regarding you. Will it be easy? No. But will it be worth it? YES!! Worth betting your life on.

Be blessed!


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