You know, life can really be lonely at times. You live, you love, you breathe, you experience, and you die. Seems like a pretty dismal existence, doesn't it? If that's all we do, then yes. Quite dismal. No purpose, no destiny, no real reason for breathing this air, leaves us wanting. But then you try to find out what your life is all about and you find that the journey is a real lonely one. This is because it is YOUR journey and not anyone else's. No one can discover your destiny and purpose for you but you. It is a task many of us hate because it requires a letting go of what we've grown familiar to and taking on the new thing that awaits us. Oh, for a friend. Life goes on. People come and go. Sometimes friends that are close to you seemingly become distant memories of years long past. You yearn for the closeness you felt with them before, but unfortunately, life happens and we are only left with a memory. Where did they go? Where did WE go? WHO MOVED?! No one did. It's just "life." I sometimes have those lonely moments in life as well. There are friends that at one point I'd talk with all the time, but then life happens and time disappears. I get busy and they get busy. It's not personal, just business (haha). But the understanding of it all still doesn't remove the sting of their absence. Sometimes as you strive to discover who you are, though, you HAVE to go it alone. I really hate those times, and yet I love them. I hate them because it means something is going to die. Maybe a comfort zone, or a thought process. Perhaps it's a pattern of living or a habit. Whatever it is, it MUST pass away before the new can come. But I love those times because it means a new and exciting revelation of who I am and who God is in me is coming. It means a new phase of living is about to spring up on the scene. It means I am growing from where I am to a new place of even greater effectiveness for the Kingdom of God. But there is still that issue of loneliness. What to do? Let me tell you, I don't have anything mastered at all in this arena. I hurt, I ache, I gripe, I cry, I do all those things. But in the midst of it all I realize that even though it seems no one else is around that cares, HE is still there. God NEVER leaves or forsakes us. He always keeps His word even when it seems like He isn't. The issue is we don't see what He sees and we don't know what He knows, but He can be trusted with our hearts because He has our good in store. Sometimes He has to strip away the things that weigh us down so that we can be free to really live. This is a painful process. In those times, He reveals to us that the things we've been trusting in are not all that we make them out to be. We begin to understand that there is a better way of living, but it will require a letting go of whatever we are clinging to if what we are clinging to is a hinderance to our lives. Listen. I don't like the processes anymore than you do. But I'll tell you that I'd rather have God's processes of change than the bondage of staying the same. I'll take it, loneliness and all. In the long run, when all is said and done, I will be like Him. And so will you. Keep holding on. Don't let go. Please. I plead with you on behalf of those who await you on the other side of obedience, don't let go. You really are NOT alone. Peace.

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