"Death to Auto Pilot"

Technology is an incredible thing. We live in a day and age when things that would normally take about 5 days to accomplish now take about 5 hours. Transportation that would normally take us a week now take us a day. Communication is another area where technology has exploded. Instead of sending messages and letters by pony or train, we can now send messages to a host of people in a matter of seconds by group email. We can now hold conversations with crowds of people at one time and interact with them all at the same time in seconds.

Quite amazing.

The food industry has been influenced by technology as well. Instead of slaving over a hot stove everyday, we can now simply put food in a microwave and have it ready to eat in minutes. That which we only thought could be possible in science fiction and fantasy have now and are becoming a reality. And because of these conveniences, we can simply start the machine and it'll run all by itself. We can set things on auto and sit back while it all happens.

But what about relationships?

Technology is a good and necessary thing in this day. But have we forgotten what it's like to talk to one another face to face? I mean, I've been guilty of this, too, and it bothers me some. One family member is upstairs and another is downstairs and instead of getting up and GOING to them and speaking face to face, we send a text message or make call them on their cell phone. Again, I appreciate technology and use it daily, but I just don't want to lose touch with the "human" element of it all. I mean, now, it's unnecessary to even talk to a person on a phone. Everything is automated and your questions and needs are handled by a few simply programmed responses.

There's GOT to be more than this.

But the REAL question is, what is your relationship with God like? Is it like using technology? Do you rise up to speak with Him face to face or do you simply send Him a text message without any kind of interaction? Do we walk in love or do we simply turn on the machine and let things take their course?

Look, I'm not trying to slam anyone because I'm in no place to do so. But I'm just encouraging you to not get too satisfied in your walk with the Lord. Let it stay fresh and do all that is in your power to CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIP with Him. He does it for you and I 24/7 even when we have no signal on our cell phones (ha)! So look, He says He loves you with an everlasting love (Jer 31:3) so let that love be reciprocal, ok? "Death to Auto Pilot" Christianity, and life to an experiential relationship with God.

You CANNOT exhaust His resources. His love never fails, His faithfulness is everlasting, His power is unmeasurable. He is available to you at ALL times.

Let's enjoy technology, but let us LIVE for the Lord!


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