Driven By... ?

I just watched a really cool video about people receiving an anointing to minister to others through signs and wonders. Some guys were up there praying over the whole congregation that healing, deliverance, miracles, etc would be manifested in the lives of everyone there and those watching by TV and Internet. I thought it was cool because to a great degree, that's what Jesus did. He sent out the 70 and told them to heal the sick, cast out devils, and to freely give what they had freely received. As they went preaching the kingdom, all of these things occurred just as Jesus prayed and the 70 came back rejoicing. Way cool.

I have seen some of this happen in my own life as well. Sometimes it happened through my hands, but most of the time it has happened before my eyes through the lives of others. And still other times, it simply happened during worship where no one laid a hand on anyone. Those are the REALLY cool times because that's when you can physically see that it was God and no ones manipulation or emotion or whatever.

But here's the other side of the coin: WHY? Not why did these people experience the hand of God, no. Not that. But instead, why do any of us desire to be used of God to release His power in the earth. Hey, like it or not, Man, that's part of the call. You may not believe it, but it's true. Sometimes it's releasing people from discouragement with a word of encouragement. Sometimes it's releasing someone from worrying about bills by blessing them with finances. Sometimes it's blessing someone with a meal that they otherwise wouldn't have been able to have. All of that is fine and good... and explainable. But what about those things that can't be taken care of by the natural?

TOO MANY TIMES we have backed down and said, "Well, the Lord knows and He will take care of it." Hey, Man, think about this: What do you think Jesus was doing when He sent out the 12 and the 70? What do you think Jesus meant when He said in John 14:12, "He that believes on Me, the WORKS that I do HE WILL DO. AND GREATER WORKS will he do because I go to My Father?" Who was He talking to? If you say He was talking to the disciples, what are YOU? Are YOU His disciple? Is the word of God relevant for today? Is the word of God true? Why do we run and hide and break out in hives when we are faced with someone who is sick and in need of a healing touch, when the Holy Spirit lives inside of us just like He lived inside of the apostles. And by the way, they did EXACTLY what Jesus said they'd do. He said that the one who believes on Him would do the same works He did. Read the book of Acts lately? And yet we say that we can't function like that. THAT is a total lie.

But an even deeper question, and the main point of this blog, is "Why do we really want to move in these things?" Is it so that we can say to the world, "Hey! Look what I can do?" Is it so we can cash in on it with books, Cd's, and DVDs we create for sale? Is it so we can perhaps get some TV program with our name on it? GOD FORBID!! GOD FORBID!! GOD FORBID!!

Listen, this is what I've seen in the book. Jesus was driven by compassion for people. He didn't like seeing them sick, imprisoned, bound up, tormented, or whatever. Therefore, He did something about it. And now, YOU and I are the vessels through which He desire to KEEP doing something about their demise. But you have to be willing to at least let Him do a "little something" through you.

What are YOU driven by? Are you driven by notoriety or by compassion? Are you driven by the opinions of those who see you, or by the opinion of the King who made you. Do you want to see the Kingdom of Heaven released on the earth? If so, guess what? YOU are the conduit through which the Kingdom of Heaven will manifest. Me? I wanna be moved with compassion to see the sick healed, the dead raised, demons cast out, the Holy Spirit freed up to move on and in people, and the gospel to be preached throughout the whole earth so that people can come to know the Lord in His fullness. To know Him and to know His heart. That's what I'm hungry for. If I can somehow latch onto that, I can tap in to His compassionate heart, listen for what He wants to do, and then partner with Him to get it done. How about you?

What have you done for the Kingdom, lately?


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