Emotions vs Truth

At the time of this writing, this is a rather trying time on a very personal level. Ever been there? Ever felt like things just keep going wrong in certain areas no matter how hard you try to make them go right? I mean, you've done everything you know to do as well as you could, but no matter what, it seems that things strike against you and you find yourself on the ground again and again and again.


That's the question that continues to emerge from the rubble of frustration.

Unfortunately, more often than not, there are no answers to that monumental question. However, there is one thing to understand. That is this: we all have a common enemy and he doesn't ever play or fight fair. He doesn't know the meaning of courtesy or demilitarized zones. His is a "destroy at all costs" mentality. He hates you and me. For those of you who read this and are believers in Jesus, he hates the God you serve. He hates what you were created to do and to become and he wants you to become unproductive in all areas of your life. He fears your success in the Lord and wants you gone. But he's not just after you, he's after the seed you sow. He is after your seed.

Everything we do now is a seed planted into our future and will one day yield a harvest. The question is, "What kind of future are we planting for?" That is determined by the seeds of works and words you sow today. Life is a field, a fertile land, so be careful what you plant in it.

But sometimes when you plant seed in the ground, it just doesn't seem to be yielding anything no matter how you cultivate it. It seems like it's a struggle from the word go. Yet in other places in the field, other seed seems to sprout up with no problem. Why? I don't know. But the thing to remember is that you DID plant the right seed into the RIGHT soil. Therefore, no matter how long it takes, a good farmer will be certain to continue to do what he knows to do and to expect the harvest he has been wanting in due time. It doesn't matter what he feels or sees because he KNOWS how the laws of planting seeds in fertile soil works, and it always works. Therefore, what his emotions scream at him, he has a choice to make: Does he listen to the emotions or cling to the truth?

That's how things are for us. Our emotions scream at us, "Just give up! It's useless! You'll never win! Things will never change! Prayer won't work because it hasn't up to now! You're forsaken and done! You're wasting you time on this or that!" But WHAT DID GOD SAY? What did God say about His own word? "So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11. Now, did God say that His word wouldn't come back to Him void if it looks like it's working? No, He said it wouldn't come back to Him void PERIOD. And that includes HIS word that has come forth from YOUR mouth as well. His word is powerful seed planted in the soil of our hearts and released from our mouths. It is not dictated OR intimidated by what we FEEL with our emotions or SEE with our eyes.

I encourage you as I encourage myself with this note: BELIEVE GOD IN SPITE OF THE CIRCUMSTANCE.

Be blessed.

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