God Is On The Move!

We just had an incredible time of worship and praise last night at our home church here in Jacksonville. A special speaker, Sid Roth, was there. This guy is VERY strong on winning souls for the Kingdom of God, and moves stomgly in the healing ministry. Millions have been healed in his meetings as well as through his television program "It's Supernatural." We had a great time.

But what I wanted to convey in this note is to simply tell you that God is one the move. He is still active in the world today regardless of what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears. Last night, I watched as God supernaturally healed people of all kinds of things, and I'm not just talking about headaches, either. I'm talking cancers, tumors, deafness, blindness, and on and on. Not one hand was laid on anyone. The healings happened through the declaration of the word and durning the worship.

People seem to have a hard time sometimes thinking that God doesn't do this kind of thing. Well, tell that to the guy who's ear just popped open during worship last night. So far lately, in each place we've gone to, this kind of stuff happens. Now, we don't go around telling people that they're gonna get healed if they come to our meetings. Our goal is to encounter the presence of God, and as a result, these things seem to take place. Don't ask me why.

But my point to you is this: don't let life rob you of God's presence in your life. Believe God whether you get a healing or not. Just believe God loves you and values you and be open to ALL that He wants to release into your life.

Let Him blow your mind.

(more to come)


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