Just a Quick Passing Thought...

You know, in thinking about life and living, there is much to be said about making plans and sticking to them. There is great excitement awaiting each and every one of us IF we are willing to pay the price to see it. Pressing forward is the thing we MUST do in order to truly enjoy the greatness of the day.

In light of that, think about driving in a car. You ever wondered why the windshield is so much larger than the rear view mirror? It's because the focus is SUPPOSED to be on where you are GOING instead of where you have LEFT. If you spend your life looking in the rear view mirror at what you've left behind, you will not only miss where you're going, you'll crash and burn as well! In addition to that, you'll probably injure someone along the way as well. Again, think about driving in your car. If you're driving north, but looking south, God help whoever is in front of you! They'll be jumping for cover and hopefully make it. Secondly, they'll take away your license to drive for sure! But how does that apply to life? Easy. If you are looking at your past while trying to attain your future, you'll hurt people along the way because you won't even notice them as you're "progressing," thereby potentially damaging their faith and hopes, and possibly even their lives by the decisions and turns you make. The reason is because YOU won't even know where YOU'RE going! Secondly, there are people that are following you as well and therefore will be misdirected by YOUR misdirection. And lastly, you will not be trusted to lead ever again, thereby losing your "license" to speak into the lives of others. Your words become untrustworthy and are therefore discarded. The worst of all of this is that you will render yourself ineffective and disqualified to stand in any position of influence or authority, which is one of the things we are to occupy during our time here on this planet.

So hey, Man, open your eyes. The windshield is bigger than your rear view mirror for a reason. It holds a clear view of your purpose and a clear picture of the steps you're taking. It opens your eyes to the lives of those you were created to effect for the kingdom of God and the lives of those you were ordained to influence for the good. It holds a clear picture of the deposits you are destined to leave here on the earth to remain after you are gone. Where are you looking today? What are you watching? See the bigger picture today and "watch" what happens.

See you at the crosswalk!



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  • Quesheba Cooper-Smith
    Quesheba Cooper-Smith
    So So very true. I love this! Thanks for your insight..

    So So very true. I love this! Thanks for your insight..

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