Living Is A Choice Pt. 2

Recently I posted a blog about living life on purpose. In it, I attempted to focus on living life by choosing who to live it for. I was stating that living life for "things" is really a waste of life because things wear out and break down. Things are temporary and run out. But choosing to live life in God is something that is well worth it. Well here, I just want to discuss the rest of the thought.

Making the choice is one thing, but really living life is quite another.

One of my favorite movies of all time is "Braveheart". In that film there is a very pointed moment when Wallace says to the wife of Longshank's son this awesome phrase: "Every man dies, but not every man really lives.". MAN I love that statement. I love it because to many times we miss out on life because we never really choose to live it. We have been given this incredible life to live and we end up missing out on it for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it's fear of taking risks. Sometimes it's too much over thinking, etc. Instead, we should be people who take life by the throat and drain it of every bit of experience we can.

We were created to be adventurous people who approach life fearlessly and boldly. I think of Paul the Apostle who said that he had "finished the course, run the race, and kept the faith" declaring that he had lived his life in God to the fullest, leaving no stone unturned. He had completely spent and poured out his life and knew that there was a crown of glory awaiting him. Another film that I also thought was kinda cool was "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman. These two terminally ill guys become friends and ine DECIDES to make a list of all the things he wanted to do before he died and set out to do it, and take his friend with him. And before they died, that's exactly what they do.

But know this: we do NOT have to wait for some terminal illness or something to get after really living life. We shouldn't need anything like that to motivate us to go for it. We were BORN with that motivation!!

I want to be one who could say like Paul, that I, too, have finished my course, I have kept the faith, and I have run the race. I don't want the Lord to have to say to me, "You did good, Son, but this is what else I had for you that you could have done". And I'm not just talking about stuff we DO, but also the stuff we could experience!

All I'm trying to say in this thing is GO FOR IT! Don't let yourself be short changes in life. Remember that Jesus said He came to give us life AND THA LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY. I challenge you to find the abundance He was speaking about, the abundance He has for YOU. Find your life in Him and begin to live that abundance His way, submitted to His will. If you'll do that, you'll find your life being SO MUCH MORE fulfilling.

And the world will be better for it!



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