Random Thoughts

We're on our way today to Ft Myers and Naples, FL to minister. There is anticipation of what the Lord has in store for us. At this start of a new year there is an even greater sense of being on target and purposeful in what we do.

All of last year we sense that there was a change or shift in what we are doing as a ministry. God seemed to be moving us from just going and ministering wherever to ministering as a result of being on assignment.

There is a difference.

Now, when Paul and I go out to different places to minister, we recognize that we are going somewhere to minister with something the Lord plans to release through us specific to the congregation or city we are in. And so far He has been faithful to meet us at each and every location ministering in power.

We have seen God heal people instantly without anyone laying hands on them and we've watched as countless many have come to give their hearts to him.

I encourage you in this year to really lock in with the Spirit of God to find out your "assignment" and start walking accordingly. You'll find yourself living life more full because you'll be doing what you were created to do. Set your sights on God and strive to see His FACE and His purpose and live out of that place.

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