Silence is MORE than Golden...

I'm a talker. Anyone who knows me can attest to that. They'll all say, "Yep! That guy just won't shut up!" It's how I've always been, even though to an extent I'm actually pretty introverted. Never the less, I am definitely a talker. The problem is in the listening. I'd like to think I'm a good listener as well, but there's definitely room for improvement! Unfortunately, though, that sometimes spills over into my walk with the Lord. He's trying to speak and I won't let Him get a word in edge-wise. Next thing I know, the time has flown by and I've done all the talking.

The downside of all that is when we come to the Lord with issues and desires for direction and instruction, we talk and talk and talk, but we leave having unloaded all our thoughts but not receiving any of His. We walk away and wonder why we just can't seem to understand how to get a breakthrough. But all the while, during our dissertation to the Lord, He had the answer to our need. If we'd just hush a moment and listen, He just might be able to shed some light on the subject.

I know that I've often been guilty of this in my personal life. I go to the Lord to gain understanding, but I kill the time with the noise. Another thing that has often happened is I ask for understanding and then substitute my own thoughts for His, thinking that what I'm hearing is really Him. But in reality it's my own thoughts and understanding, which leads to a deeper demise to whatever I was needing assistance with. What a pickle!

But on an even more personal level, we spend much time trying to dictate the relationship between us and God when in reality it is just that, A RELATIONSHIP. That means there is a two-way street in this thing. We speak, He listens. HE SPEAKS, WE LISTEN. That's one of the ways WE walk TOGETHER in this thing called life.

There is a well of understanding that awaits us if we would just quiet ourselves and "be still and know that He is God - Psalm 46:9." The thing we begin to know is NOT how to get out of something or whatever, but to know HIM, who He is, how He feels, what He thinks, what makes Him tick, and on and on it goes. In THAT understanding lies the answer to anything we feel we might need. Being silent long enough to hear Him speak to us is a release of life into our spirits and into our hearts. Being silent long enough to hear is a way to recognize Him when He moves on our behalf. Silence is MORE than golden. It's a portal to life and peace.

Listen, why not in your daily life, take some time to listen more and talk less. Listening is an integral part of prayer as well. Try it. Believe it. Know that He will NEVER speak anything to you that is at odds with His word. You can trust His answer.

He's listening. Are you?


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