I was just thinking today about time. Each of us has time as a commodity, but time can either be a asset or an enemy, at least in the natural. We are born and in TIME we grow up. We make choices and in TIME we find out if they are wise choices or unwise. We do actions and in TIME discover if they are profitable or not. We live and in TIME we die. And the time differential could be a matter of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years.

But the question that comes to mind is "What do we DO with the time we have?" Our response to time can determine how we survive in days to come. And our response to time will also determine if it is an asset or an enemy to our lives. What I mean is sometimes we wait and wait for the right time, only to realize that the TIME has passed us and no we must either catch up or wait for the next "wave" of time to come. Other times we become impatient because time seems to be taking way too long. And as a result, we launch out prematurely to bring to pass what we're waiting for, only to realize that what we've actually done is launched ourselves into an even longer waiting time. We launch out at the wrong moment only to be forced to wait longer for the correct time to move. To many, time will be a teacher, but to some it will be a task master. We are the deciding factor.

What should one do with time? Many of us have been waiting for the return of the Lord to explode in the sky above when every eye shall see Him and time has progressed further and further. But one thing is certain: HE IS COMING! We just don't know when, even though the whole world is groaning in waiting for His appearing. So what should we DO during the TIME?

What is it that you have been called to DO? Are doing it now? If not, why not? Are you where you are supposed to be right now? Do you know? Are you living the way you are supposed to be living right now during the TIME? Are the relationships that surround you the relationships that are supposed to be in your life right now? Are they adding to your purpose or subtracting from your purpose? ARE YOU LIVING ON PURPOSE RIGHT NOW, OR JUST EXISTING? Only YOU can answer these questions for you. No one can answer them for you. No one can answer them for me. I will say this, though, "I want to be living on purpose and not by accident." TIME is too short for anything less.

What about you?

Just sayin'.


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