Who Are You, Really?

Pressure. Fatigue. Worry. Stress. All of these are issues we all face on a daily basis. Situations come around and makes eveything go haywire. It mounts up more and more until it explodes in our faces. But then the situation tries to tell you how you should respond. Problem is when you do, you end up feeding the situation making it stronger against you and cause it to grow instead of diminish.

But who are you, really? Are you someone who is under the thumb of their circumstances? Are you someone who HAS to do what the circumstances tell you? Are you really powerless against the whims of issues in life and doomed to obey them?

I submit to you that if you are a believer in Jesus belonging to Him, you are most definitely NOT any of the above.

I think about police officers who encounter criminals at large. Let's say it's a hostage situation. The criminal says that he WILL NOT come out without his demands being met. And if his demands aren't satisfied, he will take a life. Now, all the circumstances say, "Give this guy what he wants!". But in reality, the officers hear what the criminal is saying, but they respond according to a higher standard. They respond according to a different set of rules, and these rules supercede the rules of the criminal. They have been given the authority to act within the realm of those rules to the fullest extent. And in the end, the higher rule of authority wins. Why? Because the law is the final authority and the criminal will submit to the higher rule of authority either WILLINGLY or UNWILLINGLY, BREATHING or not BREATHING one way or another.

Now, how does that apply to us, you may ask?

Jesus has given you authority OVER YOUR OWN EMOTIONS which will not necessarily decide the outcome of the situations, but will decide the EFFECT of the situation in YOUR life. Circumstances, like the criminals, DO NOT have the right OR the authority to tell you how to live unless you give it that authority. God has empowered you with a Higher Rule of Law than the rules of situations and issues.


There is something greater on the inside of you than the situations around you. The circumstances will come AND go, but the word of the Lord will stand forever. And His word toward you is for your good and for your success. Again, realize that the circumstances may not change right away, but YOU can change. Let the Lord show up on your behalf. Give Him your FULL attention instead of yielding attention to the issue. When you do this on a consistent basis, peace will meet you and lift you up.

Be encouraged!


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