"Who? Me?"

As I look around the world in the places we go to minister, I see people all over the place with giftings, callings, and abilities just laying there dormant on the inside of them. Yet at the same time, these same people that are exploding with incredible creativity gaze at others wishing they could do what they see others do. They strive for the abilities in the lives of other people all the while neglecting the gifts inside themselves. What a tragedy!

People walk up to Paul and I many times telling us how much they wish they could be doing what we're doing. But the reality is, you really DON'T wanna do this unless you're called to it. I mean, you next home becomes the airport because that's the one place you start to see more consistently than your own home. A hotel room becomes your bedroom and an alarm clock becomes your spouse. The restaurantbecomes your kitchen. A suitcase becomes your closet. On and on it goes. Your life is placed at the mercy of the next airplane you catch and you trust that all of your luggage and personal items will all make it to your destination, much less that they'd make it in one piece! Yuck!!

However, there is an INCREDIBLY PRICELESS REWARD for doing this kind of thing: GOD'S PRESENCE. You have the privilege of watching others connect with God in ways they never thought they could. You get to be a part of seeing people come into the Kingdom of God. You get to see the Kingdom of God manifest in many different ways: worship, praise, miraculous healing and deliverance, freedom to love, freedom to be loved, and liberty in an entire congregation, just to name a few. That makes all the other crap worth going through. Just let the Lord be glorified and His presence be experienced, and let lives NEVER be the same after each God-encounter. That's the REAL payoff.

But my point is this: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE DOING WHAT YOU SEE OTHERS DO IN ORDER TO MAKE YOUR MARK ON MANKIND. However, you DO need to do what God has called YOU to do. Nothing He has called you to do is insignificant in the Kingdom of God. And understand this as well: Whatever He has placed inside of you to accomplish is NECESSARY for THIS generation. It is a tragedy that this generation gets short-changed because of our lack of what you have to offer. Author, Speaker, and Pastor Myles Monroe said, "The richest place in the universe is the grave yard." It's the place where dreams were never accomplished, visions never manifested, inventions never came about, songs were never written, books were never scribed, and we are all the lesser for it. We need what you have. If you don't rise up and do what God has given you to do, we as a generation have a deficiency.

NO ONE can do what YOU were called to do.

So look, don't shy away from opportunities to put into practice what God has placed inside of you. You have that thing for a reason and for a purpose for the Kingdom. You don't have to be on stages all over the world because, in reality, the whole world is YOUR stage and you're in the spotlight. All you have to do is let out what's on the inside as God matures you step by step.

A successful vision remains successful when the focus on it is not diverted.

Keep believing that you have something great on the inside of you, because you DO! God doesn't mess around, Man. He didn't look at the creation and say, "I need some filler space here. I think I'll create ___________ just to occupy some space while I bless all the others in My creation." Not so much, Dude. Not so much. No, He doesn't waste time and He doesn't waste resources and YOU are a resource in His hands. You gotta fight for that reality and not let people, life, or the devil steal it from you.

You're worth more than you'll ever be able to comprehend.

Stand up. We're waiting!



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